Keeping Your Home Clean When You Have Pets

by Maid Just Right Team - July 14, 2017

Many of our clients in San Diego and the surrounding area have pets. While most of these are adorable creatures, one of the big problems people have to contend with is keeping that home free of hair and other dirt. If you suffer from issues such as allergies, keeping your space as clean as possible is even more important.

Here are some of our top tips for keeping on top of the cleaning when you have pets.

Buy a Good Vacuum

Not all vacuum cleaners are made equal and you certainly want one with a good deal of suction power. Cat and dog hair can be get ingrained in areas like furniture and carpets and is not always so easy to remove. If you’re vacuum is barely sucking up the dirt, it’s either time to change the dust bag or buy a new machine.

If your pets are prone to getting fleas, regular vacuuming is a must, apart from applying those all-important flea drops to your favorite pooch. Eggs can get ingrained in areas like carpets and are difficult to remove if you don’t get into the habit of regular hoovering. These eggs can sit for months and even years before a warm spell suddenly gets them active again.


Rubber gloves are the perfect solution for removing cat and dog hair. Simply put them on, dampen the rubber and then rub your hands over your furniture. Once you’ve collected a good amount of hair, rinse and repeat. If you have wooden furniture, using a damp soft cloth to wipe away and hair is another option.

Vacuuming the Carpet

Most cat and dog hair tends to congregate on the floor and especially the carpets. The key here, apart from having a good vacuum, is to work methodically. You should try to go over each area of the floor at least twice in different directions so that you can, hopefully, dislodge any difficult hairs.

Giving the carpets a wash with a good wet cleaner every so often will also help keep them smelling fresh as well as removing nasty surprises such as flea eggs.

Clothing and Pet Hair

Another place where we tend to get a buildup of pet hair is our clothes. Most of us have found our slacks or skirts covered in hair after playing with our favorite dog or cat. Keeping a lint roller or simply a roll of Scotch tape can help keep your clothes reasonably clean.

Your Pets

Another way to help reduce the amount of hair that your pets produce is to give them regular grooming. This is vital, of course, for those animals with long, shaggy coats and helps you drastically reduce problems like fleas and ticks. It’s not just hair that you need to watch out for. Mud and sand and all sorts of other dirt can be dragged through the home in next to no time by your beloved animal. If they’ve been out down by the beach, giving them a toweling down before you let them back in the house is always an excellent idea.

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