How to Find a Great House Cleaning Service

by Maid Just Right Team - February 17, 2017

We are living increasingly busy lives and sometimes it’s difficult to fit everything in. When you’re trying to get to work or have kids to look after, the last thing you want to do is get on with the cleaning.

But how do you find a company that delivers what you need and which you can trust to let into your property?

It’s easy enough to set up a company and call yourself a professional nowadays but a little research and asking the right questions can go a long way to make sure you get the right team on board. If you want to take out the hassle of cleaning your home, here’s what you should be doing to find the best service.

  1. Listen to Referrals

If you have friends or family that use a cleaning service, ask them about their experience. The number one way many people find a good company is because it has been recommended to them.

  1. Do Your Research

Even if you have a recommendation, that shouldn’t stop you checking out the company properly and ensuring they fit the bill. It helps to make a list of what you are looking for and how much you want to pay for the service. Check online that the company you are considering have a website (most reputable companies will) and that they are easy to contact, preferably by phone.

  1. How Do They Choose Their Cleaners?

You obviously don’t want just anyone coming into your home and so you will want to check the company’s vetting procedures. For instance, all our cleaners at Maid Just Right are experienced and well trained but they’re also vetted properly with complete background and reference checks. We don’t take on just anyone and interview our staff personally, not leaving it to a third party. Finally, all our staff are English speaking so you don’t have to worry about any language barriers. These are the sort of things that a reputable cleaning outfit should provide.

  1. Check Testimonials

Most businesses will have testimonials from all their satisfied customers and they usually look great. But how do you check if they’re representative of how the company treats its customers overall? One way round this is to find independent review sites online when you do your research. Another is to ask the company for customers in your area who you can then contact personally and have a chat about their experience.

  1. Look for a Tailored Service

You don’t want to be pushed into a service that you have no need for. Most businesses will provide a certain level of tailored cleaning provision that means you can pick and choose what you require. For instance, at Maid Just Right we provide cleaning for a one-off event or regular weekly or even monthly visits to suit personal needs. You might just want certain areas cleaned like the living room or kitchen, or the whole house or apartment. Tailoring that service allows you to get exactly what you need and also helps keep the costs down.

Finally, you should always take your time when choosing a cleaning service and give yourself a cooling off period before you finally decide.

Any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to contact Maid Just Right, San Diego’s trusted house cleaning service.