Is a Clean House Good for Your Health?

by Maid Just Right Team - March 30, 2017

There’s a lot talked about health and well-being nowadays and we all seem to be better aware of the need for balance in our lives. But what role does the home play and does a cluttered, untidy house have consequences for your own mental or physical health and that of your family?

If you’re stressed out at work, for instance, coming home to an untidy house can simply make things worse. Your choice then is to get the vacuum out or totally ignore everything and find a space on the sofa where you can hunker down and watch TV.

There has been some research done that shows there’s a correlation between clean homes and healthy people. That could, of course, be a chicken and egg thing. Healthy people are more active and will therefore probably clean more. If you’re feeling under the weather or suffering from something like anxiety or depression, the last thing you want to is probably get out the duster or vacuum.

Returning to a clean home can make you feel less stressed and could mean you find it easier to relax and enjoy your me time more. A newly cleaned home can also fill you with more energy, prompting you to do other things and has been shown to improve creative thinking for some groups of people.

Cluttered homes can seem overwhelming. We’re all guilty at one time or another of simply collecting to much stuff. Having a clean out and reorganizing your space can, according to some leading psychiatrists, have a direct impact on stress and fatigue levels. There are also other benefits. If you suffer from allergies, keeping a clean home is vital. If you have kids or animals, then you will want to make sure you reduce the potential impact of germs in the house.

There’s also some evidence from Cornell University that a chaotic and untidy home can actually change our eating habits, making us eat more and put on weight. They studied this by setting up two kitchens with both healthy and unhealthy food on show. One kitchen was tidy, the other was cluttered. People tended to eat more of the unhealthy options when they were in the untidy kitchen.

Of course, it’s not the same for everyone. Some people really like what they call ‘organized chaos’. They don’t like their surrounding space to be too formal and tidy. They are much more at home with cluttered environments and feel more uncomfortable if their place is too organized.

On the whole though, keeping your house clean is good for everyone’s health. You’re always ready to entertain visitors, for a start, and you’ll probably find your energy levels raised. Cleaner homes generally need less maintenance and repairs and you’ll certainly have less moments feeling guilty because you’ve let things slide too much.

You don’t have to do all the cleaning yourself. If you’re working hard and have a family to cater to, getting out the vacuum can be a real chore and something that you just don’t want. If that’s the case, maybe it’s time you thought about getting a professional cleaning service in on a regular basis. You can contact Maid Just Right in San Diego if you want a service that is designed to adapt to your individual needs.