4 Cleaning Jobs You Should Save Your Old Toothbrush For

by Maid Just Right Team - June 30, 2017

You really should never throw anything away, especially if you can find another use for it. For instance, that old toothbrush might seem redundant, but we know at Maid Just Right how little tools like this can be used for a whole lot of things. Plenty of our cleaning staff carry a toothbrush or two around with them for those difficult spots in the home that need a special attention.

So, before you send your used toothbrush to San Diego’s recycling yard, here are just a few little household tasks that it’s still pretty good for.

1. Kids Scrawls

If you have young children, you may well have come across their time-honored method of upsetting mom and dad –by getting out their crayons and scribbling on your beautiful white wall. Kids are attracted to white like moths to a light and, for some reason, they need to fill that space with something colorful and funky.
Before you head for the paint pot and a brush, there might be something a little less radical that will get rid of those marks. A smidgen of toothpaste on an old toothbrush starts things off. Then all you need to do is gently rub it over the marks and finally wipe it off with a damp cloth. You’ll be surprised how quick this is to do and how often it works.

2. Hard to Reach Parts of Pots and Pans

If you’re doing the washing up and you come across little areas where you can’t get your scrubber in, swapping for a toothbrush is a most excellent idea. This works well for getting the bits out of graters and garlic presses but also moving the grease out of the tight corner of those pots and pans.
It’s also brilliant for certain work services – particularly if you want to clean the grout between your tiles, for example, or some scum has built up around the bottom of your taps. Look around the kitchen and you’re sure to find plenty of examples where that old toothbrush will come in useful.

3. Cleaning Jewelry

For those who have various bangles, necklaces and rings, you’ll know that these can get tarnished and attract dirt and grime over the years. Cleaning them can be fiddly, so if you want to get your favorite pendant back to glistening pristine condition, the humble toothbrush is the perfect tool.
If you have a bunch of ornaments around the house that need to have a clean and shine, it’s great for that too.

4. Computer Keyboard

It can be one of the dirtiest spots on the planet. If you’ve had the same keyboard for your computer for a few years now or own a laptop, you’ll certainly be aware how dirt can get under those keys. From the crumbs of your mid-morning biscuit to dust and hair, once those keys get jammed they can be difficult to move. What you need is something to work around the edges and dislodge all that gunk. That’s where the toothbrush comes in.

Next time you’re thinking of throwing out your toothbrush, remember that you can use it for a lot of other things. It’s always better to repurpose rather than throw away.